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About FM Electro

Welcome to FM Electro, the place for all your cable accessories, electronic supplies and much more. Here you won’t find just any articles, here you will find everything you need! And if you need help with anything, we are here for you. Because FM Electro is all about quality, knowledge and expertise.

It all started in the year 2000, when FM Electro was founded by director/owner Ferdie K√ľnne. Since then we have grown into a leading importer and wholesaler of fasteners and cable management systems. Our product range is very extensive and diverse, which makes us unique in our industry.

Whether you need heat shrink tubing, Velcro, cable lugs, marking systems or anything else, we have it all! We also offer a wide range of lighting, cables, connectors, fuses, battery products and other accessories for (electric and hybrid) cars. We understand the growing demand for products used for sustainable mobility and we are happy to meet those needs. That is why FM Automotive was established in 2014. As of 2023, FM Automotive and FM Electro merged into one company that now continues under the familiar name FM Electro.

We do everything for our customer

At FM Electro, everything is about our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing excellent technical support and monitoring the entire procurement and delivery process.

Most of our customers are electronics and installation companies and companies operating in the automotive, offshore and food industries.

Extensive product range

As mentioned, we offer a very extensive product range. For example, we supply the complete package of Texit (under the trade name TEXIT-Benelux) and we sell the extensive assortment of X.B. Components. We are also the official distributor of DSG-Canusa in the Benelux for high-quality heat shrink tubing. And we are proud to be part of the supply package of Thomas&Betts, the premium brand for cable ties and the inventors of the tiewrap!

Quality, knowledge and expertise

Through focused purchasing, we deliver only the best of the best. We also pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and flexibility. Our experts are ready to help you find the right products and answer any questions you may have. So don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

We are FM Electro and we have a solution for everything!


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